History of Hall of Honor

The Hall of Honor was the brainchild of former Superintendent Lew Blackford who had the idea of recognizing the noteworthy achievements of commendable individuals who were either Sidney City Schools alumni or community members who made a significant impact within Sidney City Schools.

In mid-1993, eleven persons gathered in the home of then Superintendent Lew Blackford to discuss the feasibility of establishing a Sidney City Schools of establishing a Sidney City schools Hall of Honor. The idea of somehow recognizing the significant achievements of worthy individuals had been formulating in Lew's mind for years. He knew a number of these success stories and realized - in a district nearly 150 years old - there had to be many more. Toward that end, the assembled group included graduates as far back as the 1920's who were knowledgeable about many potential candidates and their accomplishments. The enthusiasm in the room was evident; what was needed was a structured process.

Lew was very impressed with the Fairborn Schools hall of Honor Ceremony, so he invited one of its committee members to speak to the group. Soon the format was set and the impressive results over the more than 25 years are represented through the plaques hanging across from the auditorium. Including the 2019 inductees, membership stands at 131.

The realization that these achievements have impacted peoples literally around the world is a fitting testimonial to Lew Blackford's vision and the worthiness of our Hall of Honor.

The Hall of Honor Committee is guided by a set of bylaws, established around its mission.

Our Mission

The purpose will be to recognize and honor those persons who, through their performance and achievements, reflect credit on the Sidney City Schools so that present-day students may find identity with the past and establish goals for the future. The Hall of Honor will reinforce a positive image of the Sidney City Schools both inside and outside of the district, as it also strives to foster an increased sense of pride among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and residents.

The members of our Hall of Honor serve as role models for our present and future students and inspire them to become contributors to their community and leaders in their chosen professions.
— Bob Humble, Sidney City Schools Superintendent
Each induction ceremony makes a positive statement about our school system. As a product of this school system, I take great pride in saluting those who have been chosen for the highest honor bestowed by the Sidney City Schools. It is a proud moment for all of us who have graduated from or been associated with the Sidney City Schools.
— Devon Beer, Former Hall of Honor Chairman