Current Inductees

The 2018 Hall of Honor inductees include Raeburn (Epler) Barnes
(SHS 1892), Mike Herbert (SHS 1985), Ardiss (Willman) Luce (SHS 1967), and Dr, Richard Rediske (SHS 1970).


Raeburn (Epler) Barnes (SHS 1892) went on to become a teacher before getting married and leaving education which was mandatory for women at that time. She died in 1964 and her will evidenced her devotion to education as it provided for a student loan fund that bears her name and has now served some 2600 individuals in Sidney and Shelby County.


Mike Herbert (SHS/JVS 1985) learned auto trades at the Joint Vocational School and eventually purchased his own service center that he's taken to an award winning level. He's also consistently assisted the Sidney City Schools especially the baseball program.


Ardiss (Willman) Luce (SHS 1967) inspired many students in Sidney and elsewhere to become artists and/or teach the subject while also spreading the love of art throughout the student body.


Dr. Richard Rediske (SHS 1970) is a major national and international player in the area of water quality as a professor, researcher, and consultant at Michigan's Grand Valley State University following many years in the water quality industry.