Honoring the past to inspire the future.


The purpose will be to recognize and honor those persons who, through their
performance and achievements, reflect credit on the Sidney City Schools so that present-day students may find identity with the past and establish goals for the future. The Hall of Honor will reinforce a positive image of the Sidney City Schools both
inside and outside the district as it strives to foster an increased sense of pride
among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and residents.

Sidney City Schools Hall of Honor Mission Statement


2019 Inductees

The Sidney City Schools Hall of Honor will add four new inductees on Friday, April 12, 2019, at 7:00PM in the Sidney High School auditorium to celebrate 26 years of the Hall of Honor and increase membership to 131 since its founding. The event will precede a gymnasium reception, both open to the public. Music and education are center stage within this unique and deserving foursome. Those honored include Tim Bickel (SHS 1967), Tom Clark, David Shadoan (SHS 1975), and Taylor Stayton (SHS 2003).

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PAST Inductees

More than 130 members make up the Sidney City Schools
Hall of Honor, which was established in 1994, honoring their outstanding achievements and contributions to our
community and world.

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